Cost evaluation of corneal ulcer treatment

Kampitak, K.; Patrasuwan, S.; Kongsomboon, K.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 96(4): 456-459


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 23691700
Document Number: 11835
Corneal ulcer is a common disease. To find the costs of corneal ulcer treatment would help plan the treatment strategy. To evaluate the cost of treatment for corneal ulcers. Age, gender type of payment, causative organism, hospitalization days, and cost of treatment of hospitalized patients with clinically diagnosed corneal ulcer presenting between January 2011 andApril 2012 was collected Fifty-three patients were analyzed The median cost (interquartile range) was 20,699.0 (11,379.0-56,981.0) Thai Baht. The median cost (interquartile range) for the fungal group, bacterial group, and unknown organisms was 70,040.0 (34,697.0-112,118), 17,881.5 (10,555.3-31,100.8), and 15,015.3 (9,542.3-46,866.6) Thai Baht respectively. Costoftreatment for fungal group was statistically significantly higher than for the unknown organisms and bacterial groups (p< O. 05). The expense of corneal ulcer treatment is high and fungal infection treatment tends to be the most expensive.

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Cost evaluation of corneal ulcer treatment