Complications of mesh-vaginopexy: results of a multicenter trial

Krasnopol'skiĭ, V.I.; Popov, A.A.; Abramian, K.N.; Pushkar', D.I.; Gvozdev', M.I.; Malkhasian, V.A.; Seregin, A.V.; Petrova, V.D.; Dobrovol'skaia, T.B.; Nasyrova, N.I.

Urologiia 1: 29-32


ISSN/ISBN: 1728-2985
PMID: 22645998
Document Number: 11750
A retrospective multicenter trial with participation of 7 large clinics of Moscow and Moscow Region has been performed to characterize complications after correction of genital prolapse with application of the PROLIFT system. The trial enrolled women with uterine and vaginal prolapse of stage II-IV by POP-Q classification. The women also had anatomic and functional defects of the adjacent organs. From January 2005 to March 2008 all the patients have undergone vaginal extraperitoneal colpopexy using Prolift system. The results of the trial showed that extraperitoneal colpopexy with application of the Prolift system should not be considered as a low-invasive intervention and therefore it is not valid to use this technique as a routine method of genital prolapse treatment as in 29.5% cases the operation is accompanied with complications of different severity.

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Complications of mesh-vaginopexy: results of a multicenter trial