Clinical Significance of Serum CA125 in Nephrotic Syndrome

Peng, T.; Guo, L.; Xia, Q.; Yang, X.

Clinical Laboratory 58(1-2): 113-115


ISSN/ISBN: 1433-6510
PMID: 22372353
Document Number: 11526
Background: To investigate the clinical significance of serum CA125 in the patients with nephrotic syndrome (NS). Methods: Three hundred and twenty-two patients with NS and 120 healthy volunteers were enrolled in our study. We measured serum CA125 and analyzed the probable relationship between elevated CA-125 levels in patients with NS, with and without ascites. Ascites were determined by B-mode ultrasonography in patients with NS. Results: Serum CA-125 in NS patients with ascites was significantly increased compared to NS patients without ascites (p 0.05). Conclusions: Serum CA125 is a useful index in the diagnosis of ultrasonographically detected ascites in patients with NS.

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Clinical Significance of Serum CA125 in Nephrotic Syndrome