Associated factors of blood pressure control and complications of hypertension in hypertensive rural Thai populations of Baan Nayao, Chachoengsao Province

Tangjatuporn, W.; Nimitpornsuko, P.; Chindamporn, P.; Srisuwarn, P.; Ulit, K.; Sanpantarat, K.; Tonglua, C.; Jongstapongpun, P.; Koopitukkajorn, T.; Pornrattanakavee, P.; Chokteerasawad, P.; Homhol, W.; Kengpanich, S.; Baisopon, S.; Salyakhamthorn, N.; Ruangkanchanasetr, P.; Uerojanaungkul, P.; Chantrarat, T.; Areekul, W.; Panichkul, S.; Rangsin, R.; Suthijumroon, A.; Hatthachote, P.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 95 Suppl. 5: S48-S57


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 22934445
Document Number: 11073
To assess associated factors of uncontrolled blood pressure and complications of hypertension in hypertensive rural Thai populations. A cross-sectional study was conducted in hypertensive rural Thai people aged > or =35 years-old in Baan Nayao, Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. Blood pressure (BP) was measured and questionnaires were answered. After 12-hr fasting, blood samples were taken for determining plasma glucose, lipid profiles and serum creatinine. Morning urine samples were collected for microalbuminuria testing and electrocardiography (ECG) was performed to detect left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH). Of the 289 participants (97 males and 192 females) mean duration of hypertension was 4.29 +/- 4.95 years and 61.5% did not achieve target BP control. Among participants who had ECG performed and urine sample investigation, 15.7% demonstrated LVH and 25.3% had microalbuminuria. In uncontrolled BP participants, 20% had LVH and 24.8% had microalbuminuria whereas in controlled BP participants, 7.8% had LVH and 26.1% had microalbuminuria. Uncontrolled BP was associated with males, dyslipidemia, diabetes, abdominal obesity, metabolic syndrome, always having salty food and salts added for seasoning. The independent risks of uncontrolled BP were hypertensive male (OR = 2.48, 95% CI = 1.07-5.76) and metabolic syndrome (OR = 2.59, 95% CI = 1.24-5.40). Males were also at risk for LVH (OR = 2.86, 95% CI = 1.31-6.23) and history of lipid disorders was a risk of microalbuminuria (OR = 3.13, 95% CI = 1.47-6.67). Males and metabolic syndrome were independently associated with uncontrolled BP in hypertensive participants. Males had more risk than females to develop LVH and having history of lipid disorders lead to microalbuminuria occurrence. Thus, life style modification may prove beneficial to these rural hypertensive participants.

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