Acquired haemophilia - a diagnosis not to be missed

Kitson, S.J.; Grigoropoulos, N.G.

Acute Medicine 7(2): 70-72


ISSN/ISBN: 1747-4884
PMID: 21611570
Document Number: 10742
Acquired haemophilia is a rare , life threatening bleeding disorder characterised by the development of auto-antibodies to coagulation factor VIII. Diagnosis is based upon the clinical history of mucocutaneous haemorrhages combined with a selective prolongation of the APTT. The condition is associated with a wide range of conditions, such as autoimmune diseases , solid and haematological malignancies. Treatment involves controlling the bleeding manifestations and eliminating the inhibitor antibodies. Three cases from our recent practice are used to highlight the variable severity of this condition.

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Acquired haemophilia - a diagnosis not to be missed